The Keys to the Labyrinth: Pisces Decan 1

The Keys to the Labyrinth: Pisces Decan 1

All the natural ways have been barred, and we may sail there no more. Not since the days of Plutarch has man lived to reach the shores. Ships wreck, but there is one path—a hidden labyrinth. If you know the true path, for each wrong turn will cost years, seven or thirty years of your life given to the maze. But we know the true path; we will guide you, say the daimons of the golden age. Take your golden thread, but first, anoint yourself with the holy water of the Kings Three. To reach Ogygia, you must assume nobility. Of all humankind, Ogygia accepts only the Heroes, the Kings, and Queens who overcome great challenges. So anoint your brow and take up your golden thread. There is a winged daimon who will guide your hand to lay the thread along the true path through the labyrinth.

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An isle, Ogygia, lies far out at sea, at the edge of the earth. A
run of five days off from Britain as you sail westward. Ogygia is a land brought to fame through the trials of Odysseus, who, after being shipwrecked by Zeus, found himself stranded on its shores. The fact that Odysseus set foot on this island is nothing short of a miracle, as Ogygia is no ordinary place. It's a mystical realm, not meant for ordinary humans, but Odysseus, being a Hero-King, was no ordinary man.

Homer tells of Ogygia as being solely occupied by the nymph Calypso, who, enamored by the Ithacan King, held him captive on the island as her lover for seven years. Contrary to Homer's desolate portrayal, Ogygia is actually a lush and vibrant land, teeming with life under the rule of Cronos.

The enchanting nature of Ogygia transcends the ordinary boundaries of mortal perception. Its very essence resonates like a siren song, weaving a tapestry of wonder that captivates all who dare to venture. Stepping onto the isle, one is embraced by an ecstatic arcane energy, the air hums with its power. The island itself is a verdant paradise, exotic flora blooms in abundance with colors more vivid and fragrances more intoxicating than anything in the mortal world. The fauna of Ogygia is equally extraordinary, creatures of myth and legend roam the land. Daimons; once Cronos’ subjects in the Golden Age, soar the skies like birds serving as guardians to their former king. Cronos himself dwells within a gold-gleaming cave, where he was imprisoned by Zeus at the conclusion of the Golden Age.

Despite being bound in an enchanted slumber by decree of the thunder god, Cronos’ influence extends throughout the island. Imbuing every corner with his ancient wisdom and power. It is said that he communicates with mortals through the intermediation of the daimons. These ethereal beings, themselves oracular, manifest in dreams and liminal states, imparting hidden knowledge and revealing glimpses of divine truth to those who seek his gnosis. 

All the natural ways have been barred, and we may sail to Ogygia no more. Not since the days of Plutarch has man lived to reach the shores. However, there exists one, albeit perilous, passage: the Way of the Labyrinth. Hidden within the first decan of Pisces this labyrinthine maze presents travelers with both genuine paths and deceptive routes. A misstep may ensnare you in a fog of illusion or confine you to a corridor of endless reflections. At the heart of the labyrinth lies a door to the Wooden Lodge, a gateway between worlds nestled at the base of the Elysian Hills, overlooking the idyllic landscape of rolling hills bathed in the golden light emanating from Cronos’ grotto. It's rumored that the door unlocks from the labyrinth side, but for most who enter, it seals shut behind them for either seven or thirty years, as time elapses uniquely within Ogygia.

As Plutarch elucidates, after seven or thirty years of devoted service to Chronos, individuals are afforded the choice to depart the isle. However, many choose to remain, finding comfort and fulfillment within its abundance. Here, their needs are effortlessly met, allowing them to immerse themselves fully in philosophical and oracular pursuits; in the Mysteries of Mysteries, under the guidance and instruction of the daimons.

All who venture into the Labyrinth and Ogygia risk becoming ensnared or bound for seven years or thirty—unless they possess a key.

This key, however, is no ordinary one; it is a meticulously crafted silver key, fashioned by a skilled silversmith under the guidance of a daimon from the Golden Age. Known as the Key to the Labyrinth, it is created through clandestine rituals whispered into the smith's ear by the Genius. These rituals unfold at specific astrological moments during Saturn's transit of the first Decan of Pisces. 

It is a key capable of unlocking the door between worlds. 

Entwined with a golden thread which has traced the course of the labyrinth, the key preserves the memory of the true path through the Labyrinth. It is adorned with a crystallized drop of the Cronian Sea which is recognized as Aquamarine.

About the Talismans:

Drawing inspiration from the symbolism found in "36 Faces," this working dived into the first decan of Pisces, named "The Labyrinth". Governed by Saturn, the lord of structure, this phase beckons us on a journey of return to our ethereal origins. The final decans of the zodiac are categorized by our relationship with what lies beyond the boundaries of our corporeal reality, to otherworldly realms normally barred to humans. These places are akin to those named in mythologies as Oygiga, Elysium, Blessed Isles, Avalon.

Amidst the labyrinth, we confront our entrapment within our constructed reality as a maze we are destined to navigate. Consciously working this phase allows us to unearth the labyrinth's walls portending a promise of liberation, for beyond its intricate pathways lies realms untouched by our preconceptions. 

Our Talismans are The Keys to the Labyrinth: “36 faces” tells us that Saturn in the first face of Pisces opens the door to the Labyrinth and that a door charm made at this time allows access to the oneiric realm in which such architecture exists. 

These keys have been hand crafted from jewellers wax and cast in Argentium sterling silver which is a sterling silver created using specific alloys so that it is tarnish resistant. Each key is connected to a sterling silver chain and held by an antique style clasp which the key can easily be detached and reattached to. A piece of 14kt gold chain that was used to ritually map the true path of a maze has been entwined around the shaft of each key and secured. Adorned with natural aquamarine, these keys serve as portals to the oneiric realms beyond the confines of our corporeal reality. 

Conscious navigation of the labyrinth transforms us into cartographers, empowering us to map out pathways with a golden thread. Our destination? The discovery of the rosa mundi—the "rose of the world"—at the labyrinth's heart, serving as the threshold to the Mysteries and what lies beyond.

While these talismans hold transcendent potential a word of caution is warranted. Constant contact with them may draw us away from the waking world. Hence, mindful consideration of when to wear them is advised. Each talisman comes with a booklet containing essential information for cartographers, including extracts from my travelog including an oneiric transmission as well as an introduction to our patron and guides.


My write-up on the first Decan of Pisces took a different direction compared to those of my previous workings. This is because this Decan has a slippery quality, preferring to be portrayed through the poetics of story rather than straightforward descriptions. As I delved into my research, I found myself drawn to Plutarch’s account of Saturn’s exile in Ogygia, which ignited a surge of inspiration that has persisted throughout this work. 

Throughout the process of making the keys, researching, and writing, I’ve experienced an overflow of creativity, with ideas coming faster than I can record them. I have repeatedly found myself wading knee-deep in synchronicities. My research feels to be guided, as I continually happen upon obscure books and articles that at first glance appear unrelated but on closer inspection contain exactly what I am looking for, and my oneiric travels have become more readily accessible to my waking consciousness. All this said, the essence of my experiences with this working was so profound and elusive that they defy easy description. Gaston Bachelard captures this sentiment with his quote: 

"There are so many dreams in the sky, which poetry encumbered by old words, has not been able to name."
- Gaston Bachelard 

Who are these talismans for?

- Primarily, they are recommended for anyone looking to re-enchant their lives

- For those who seek to ignite divine inspiration within themselves

- Creatives of all kinds. 

- People who practice divination

- Occultists, Witches, and Sorcerers 

-It is important to note that while the Decan inspires creativity, it doesn’t replace skill; rather, it amplifies the desire to develop creative abilities. 

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