The Champion of the Dream// Exalted Mars Talismans

The Champion of the Dream// Exalted Mars Talismans

We must begin with a dream for Mars needs an objective; a vision that is clear and a map where X marks the spot of our desire, our treasure, our kingdom. The path need not be clear, there need not even be a path, for our champion has a sword that he may use as a machete to cut away the debris blocking the way, creating the path that we may follow. 

This is Mars in his exalted state, with feet planted firmly upon the earth he is able to action upon it with stratagem and determination. Nothing can beat our Champion - our Hero is ready for the Quest. Our job is to hold the dream in our minds eye. Hold the vision of the kingdom with a steely resolve, and he will carve the path, cutting away the undergrowth and the overgrowth; the mental blockages and self limiting ideologies. He goes before us and clears the way forward. 

And if the path becomes dark and treacherous our Champion lights the way with gleaming armour and a raised sword that glows with the fire of the red planet. With sword and shield our guardian is our protector against the demons that lash at our ankles and attempt to pull us down. He slays that which would consume us with despair. 

This is our Mars in Capricorn, our Champion with an iron will and a heart of gold.

+ + +


The Election and Working

This working commenced under the auspices of the Mars cazimi in Scorpio on November 17, 2024. It was the hour of Mars, with both Mars and the Sun positioned on the MC at 25 degrees Scorpio, while the Moon was applying a trine from Capricorn, Mars' exaltation. This working culminated on February 7, 2024, at 5:08 AM PT. It was a nocturnal chart, both the day and hour of Mars, with Mars ascending in Capricorn in the first house and ruling the Midheaven. The Moon in Capricorn was enclosed by the benefics and applying to conjoin Mars [see chart below].

The talismans were initially crafted through a sand casting I made of an ancient coin bearing the face of Ares. To this base, I added silver balls to house three small garnets, and the reverse side of the coin I engraved the character of Mars found in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. You can view the talismans [here]

During the process of making the talismans, I gained insight into the nature of Mars beyond book learning and abstract ideas, rather it was an embodied knowing. It began with the essence of ACTION. Mars requires action to be heard. In stillness I couldn’t access him. He needed me to work for me to hear because he talks through action - through movement. This realization came most clearly during the final astrological election, as I found myself fully immersed in the physicality of the task, which filled me with joy. The music and my movements induced a state of ecstasy.

Much emphasis is put on Mars’ warring and fighting nature. But what is a fight but a dance of passion? A dance of passion with a desire for victory. Mars reveals himself not in quietude but in the fervor of action and desire. I was in the act of creation when I realised this with a crystal clarity. 

I had asked during the election, "Do you wish to speak?" only to feel a resounding "no." Instead, a visceral rush swept through me, my skin prickled with goosebumps. I was inclined instead to dance, to feel the music and let it move my body, move through my body as waves of ecstasy rushed over me. 

The fight is a dance. 

Mars is action, which unharnessed can be impulsive and blind. But if you are a dreamer, can exercise patience, and your vision is clear he WILL champion your dream and fight for its realisation. Mars is our Champion. 

Mars is an expert fighter, a strategist, he harnesses the force of nature and directs it through the point of a blade with steely determinism. Once his path is chosen, he pursues it to the end. His blade held out straight becomes a channel for a singular unwavering force, the hawks eye upon the prey. 

Swinging his sword in an arc, sweeping from side to side he clears obstacles from the path. Mars, then, is not just our Champion but our choreographer. If our vision is clear, he will teaches us the dance moves. Step by step. 

+ + +

The Champion of the Dream// Exalted Mars talismans are hand crafted in sterling silver with three hammer set faceted red garnets. They come on a 22 inch sterling silver chain.





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