About Tides of Tethys

In 2022 I moved to my Neptune line from my Saturn/ Rahu line. My relocated chart makes me a Pisces ascendant with Neptune on the midheaven, a wildly different chart to my natal. To honour this shift I dove into the celestial seas and retrieved the name: Tides of Tethys. Tethys being one of our old gods. A goddess of the seas and a Titan. She is also the namesake for a moon of Saturn which contains a chasm named after my ancestral home, the Island of Ithaca

Tides of Tethys (formerly Psychic Desert) was created in 2015. After I completed a Master of Fine Arts at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology I began exploring the concept of jewellery as wearable pieces of art and was drawn to the study of the ancient jewellery of our ancestors for whom jewellery was more than adornment; it was a magical item, a charm, amulet or talisman.

The pieces I make now as Tides of Tethys are predominately talismanic. My focus is directed towards periodic releases of small, quality hand crafted collections made to astrological timing.

All my pieces are hand-crafted using ancient techniques of wax carving, sand casting and lost wax casting. I use only the finest materials with a focus on sourcing high quality earth grown gemstones and using only solid sterling or argentum silver, and solid gold.

I have been a working artist for 26 years. I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts through Queensland College of Arts and a Master of Fine Arts with Distinction through Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. I came to jewellery through a painting practice and have exhibited my work nationally around Australia. 

I have studied astrology with Chris Brennan as a participant of the Hellenistic Astrology course and first learnt astrological magic with Ryhan Butler. There are so many astrologers who I continue to learn from, through their published works and by participating in courses, workshops, and listening to lectures and podcasts. Too many to name but a few are: Gray Crawford, Demetra George, Bernadette Brady, Liz Greene, Kirra Sutherland, Kelly Surtees, Austin Coppock and Diana Rose Harper. I also would be remiss if I didn’t shout out the incredible work done by Sphere and Sundry in the field of Astromagic.

I continue to study astrological magic independently. The key texts that I attribute to my learning are the Picatrix, Agrippa's Three Books of Occult Philosophy and Marsilio Ficino's Three Books on Life. Ultimately and above all else I look to the celestial spirits and ancestors of blood and practise for guidance as everything I make is in service to, and in their honour.