It's difficult to know where to even begin describe my experiences with the phenomenal Alphard talismans that Genie created. Looking back, I can discern that changes started as soon as I expressed my firm intention to buy -- before I ever laid eyes on pictures of the talismans, or completed payment. The mere decision to get it once it would be available seemed to unravel a chain of events, which certainly took my life by storm in some regards, but with eventual outcomes I am most grateful for. Alphard is an important star for me natally, and while I've seen obvious shifts around the area of my chart Alphard presides over, it's been a general overhaul. Shedding shame, getting more in touch with who I am while acknowledging that who I am will be evolving constantly. I've been tasked with facing parts of myself I might have disavowed, or shied away from out of fear, while feeling deeply supported and enlivened in that process -- letting go of pretences has made way for new avenues of authenticity, joy and healthy pride. There have been particularly epiphanies concerning queerness, sexual orientation and embodiment. Upon receiving the talisman, some effects have seemed to deepen, but in a way that can be subtle; overall, this new friend has integrated seamlessly into the fabric of my daily life, and within my spirit court, even helping to build bridges with other spirits, deepening bonds, and being a terrific companion and inspiration for specific rites. It is a truly gorgeous talisman, and I simply cannot do justice to Genie's artistry with a few words. I've noticed I can tolerate the cold weather more easily when wearing it, it seems to provide more endurance and bodily warmth. I'm pretty sure it has enhanced my sense of smell in more than one occasion, and meditating with it gave way to very enthralling visions. I've had really sweet experiences with it when socialising with people I hadn't met before, as well as people in my daily life. Alphard seems to beget a willingness to sit with what is considered abject, a larger bandwidth for what is not viewed as respectable or even palatable. I was prepared to deal with potentially challenging side-effects per Alphard's nature, but haven't really found that to be the case. While inspiration can be overflowing to the point where it might be considered overwhelming if one is not used to it, it seems to be mostly a question of prioritising -- there are harder problems to have than to have too many ideas! Truly, I'm continually amazed by how versatile, generous and supportive this talisman is. I would recommend Genie's creations in a heartbeat
- A

I currently own two pieces from Genie, both talismanic, both Venusian. I first discovered Tides of Tethys a few years ago, and, being serious about working with the most powerful talismans, I immediately knew that these would be some of the best that money can buy. It's not difficult for me to pick up the energy of things through images, so essentially, I already saw or felt how this magic would bless me & my life. It should go without saying that the actual quality of the jewelry is very high, in every sense. As for the energetic, magical & spiritual aspects: first and foremost, it's important to establish & maintain a connection with the Essence behind a talisman, but often that is already the case when one is pulled toward a particular item of this type. What I can say about my own experience with Tides of Tethys pieces is that they feel incredibly open, receptive & loving. My identity is centered upon being a Daughter of Aphrodite, an adorant & aspirant of Her Mysteries, path, etc. {thus, the planet Venus is a major focus for me} — obviously, that would remain the same whether or not I owned talismans; however, I see such pieces as a very important way to honor this connection or reality. It seems to please the Divine as well, and works as a sort of conduit to receive, channel, embody Their blessings, gifts & Essence. The talisman is a physical embodiment of Their power, a manifestation of Divinity in the flesh. Based on all of this  the quality, the magic  carried by Genie's talismans, it is always such a great honor & blessing to be able to revel in these adornments of living Power.
- D.K.

I have invested in two talismanic pieces from Tides of Tethys and foresee many more in my future. The craftsmanship and beauty make them worthwhile purchases in and of themself. When I wear these pieces, I can feel the magic bestowed in a deeply embodied way. Their presence on my person creates a symbiotic relationship that invites awareness of the celestial working into my consciousness. Words alone cannot describe how special these unique offerings are. 
 - Melissa LaFara, Astrologer & Tarot Consultant @ Energetic Principles

I purchased the Solar Pearl Ring talisman from Genie immediately upon release. I hadn't been thinking much about solar things prior to that; I am retiring by nature with an 8th house Sun, but I had been searching for a pearl ring in general already, and upon reading the brilliant and thoughtful description of the punk nature of the solar current, was struck by a nudge the likes of which I've only encountered from patron-type spirits before. Divination confirmed it immediately.
This Solar Pearl, a lunar support to the Solar nature of its operation, arrived in one Sun hour on a Moonsday, and I got home to open it up in the next. Since then, it has been an enormous comfort in these gray and gloomy days of drear January as well as an extraordinarily communicative support in less physical solar things, integrating the lessons the Sun can teach into my body and into my day-to-day, finally coming to appreciate this incredible luminary more and more. I'm so excited for its further lessons to come, its support in things I want to do and change by my solar return this year, and a life built in the nourishment and good health of the Sun. Truly inspirited, enlivened, enlightened work: Genie is amazing, I cannot say it loudly enough.

My pearl sun talisman ring is truly stunning and has such beautiful uplifting energy. It has been such a balm to me during the gray winter months. The day I received it was a particularly cold and rainy one, and soon after I put it on, the sun came out. This was my third talisman from Genie and I am continually awed by her artistry and skill.
- Vanessa Irena

As a sorceress, I am incredibly picky about what magical wares I purchase, and from whom. To invite a talisman into one’s life is to invite it’s powers & spirit allegiances, as well as potentially that of the maker’s. I can say with honesty and confidence that, not only are Genie’s talismans absolutely beautiful - they are beacons of spiritual power. Her creations are clearly aligned with the spirits in whose names and correspondences she creates them. The talismans I’ve received from Genie have enriched my practice and work with those spirits, as well as brought about tangible results with regard to the effects they purport to bring. Genie’s work is beautifully made, meticulously crafted, and utilised in reverence & power to their respective celestial spirits.
-Rose Aurora

As a first time buyer for both Genie and magical talismans in general, I will say that my spiritual practice has never been more empowered, deepened, and enlivened since the procurement of my Pleiades talisman. Obtaining it was nothing short of a spiritually guided miracle and when I first received it, I was in awe of its absolute beauty as a hand-crafted devotional piece to a beloved star cluster, in addition to how incredibly in-depth the research and included rite was as a method for operative sorcery. Upon first holding it, you can immediately feel the amount of skill and effort that was poured in to create this piece. Performing the rite it came with was an exhilarating and truly magical experience that will forever be a core memory for me as the results were pretty immediate. My spirit hearing and sensing have improved tenfold and messages come to me much clearer now. Truths about people in my life have started to unveil in ways I did not expect them to. But most of all, this talisman has allowed me to deepen my already existing spiritual pacts and foster many new ones. The operative sorcery of these talismans is powerful and for serious practitioners, it is an absolute dream to work with. I've become a lifelong fan and I'll surely be returning for Genie's exquisite work soon.
- Eri
I have the Selene/ Moon talisman and had an intense dream right after she arrived, where the full Moon greated me up close and personal through the window of my childhood home. The Moon talisman has become a comforting aid in balancing emotions, a gentle guide in deep inner work/relfection, and an encouraging companion for activities involoving the creative and imaginal. My relationship to my sect light has since deepened and my relationship to my own mother has made positive shifts. Not to mention the craftmanship is simply breathtaking. Genie is the real deal and one of the few talisman makers I trust and admire most.
- Kris Shin

I am a huge fan of Genie's talismans and am fortunate to be in relation with several. Each pieces is ascetically beautiful and profundly alive - with it's own unique personality, insights and gifts. The Spica- Venus Talisman is my favourite talisman ever. This beautiful pendant has become an ally who brings ease and protection to me- especially during Mars transits. The talisman softens strong emotions, anxiety, and brings calm to situations of Marsian urgency.
-Dr AnaLouise Keating

My Jupiter talisman in particular has been a faithful companion, guide and provider.
- Michael Vazquez

Genie's skill is evident to anyone who has seen her pieces but having come into relationship with one of her talismans it's clear that her skill in magic and talismanic ensoulment is equally expert. The myriad synchronicities and signs accompanying the purchase, arrival, consecration and adornment of my Deneb Adige talisman has been startling brilliant - from freak hailstorms and enchanting dreams to estatic ritual experiences and deepened relationships to swan families and spirits - I find myself drawn to wearing her talisman often, delighting in dreamy creativity, fierce composure, and shimmering magic it enhances in me. I hope to patron Genie's talent again!
- Rowan Rain

The Antares talisman is a masterwork of art and magic, it is gorgeous and a powerful guardian.
- Liz Frazee