The Champion of the Dream// Exalted Mars Talismans


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The Exalted Mars talismans are hand crafted in sterling silver with three hammer set faceted red garnets. They are 1 1/8 long by  1 1/8 inch wide and come on a 22 inch sterling silver chain.

This working commenced under the auspices of the Mars cazimi in Scorpio on November 17, 2024. It was the hour of Mars, with both Mars and the Sun positioned on the MC at 25 degrees Scorpio, while the Moon was applying a trine from Capricorn, Mars' exaltation. This working culminated on February 7, 2024, at 5:08 AM PT. It was a nocturnal chart, both the day and hour of Mars, with Mars ascending in Capricorn in the first house and ruling the Midheaven. The Moon in Capricorn was enclosed by the benefics and applying to conjoin Mars.

The talismans were initially crafted through sand casting from an ancient coin of Ares. To this base, I added silver balls to house three small garnets, and the reverse side of the coin was engraved with the character of Mars found in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy. 

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You can read about the making of the The Champion of the Dream// Exalted Mars Talismans and their properties [here]

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