The Keys to the Labyrinth: Pisces Decan 1


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These keys have been hand crafted from jewellers wax and cast in Argentium Sterling Silver which created using specific alloys so that it is tarnish resistant. Each key is connected to a sterling silver chain and held by an antique style clasp which the key can easily be detached and reattached to. A piece of 14kt gold chain that was used to ritually map the true path of a maze has been entwined around the shaft of each key and secured. Adorned with natural A-grade aquamarine, these keys serve as portals to the oneiric realms beyond the confines of our corporeal reality. 

The chosen election for this these talismans was on the 18th Jan 2024 PST (see chart in second image). Saturn rising in the first decan of Pisces conjunct the projected degree of Fomalhaut. The Moon in her exaltation is making a sextile to Saturn and applying to conjoin Jupiter in the second house (which is ruling the AC and MC). The Sun in Capricorn is in reception to Saturn, and Venus is sweetening the election in the 10H  applying to the MC.

Each talisman comes in a deluxe leatherette box and a booklet containing essential information for cartographers, including extracts from my travelog including an oneiric transmission as well as an introduction to our patron and guides.

* Please indicate in the notes on purchase (or send an email) if you would like an 18" or 20" chain. If you don't indicate your preference you will receive a 20" chain.

You can read about The Keys to the Labyrinth and their properties [here]

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