Alcyone and the Pleiades Talismans


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The Alcyone and Pleiades talismans are hand carved in hard jewelers wax, cast in sterling silver and set with a crystal quartz cabochon and a mati made of shell. Each talisman contains fennel seeds, rock and iron meteorites and peridot crystals from the Admire meteorite. The talismans hang on a sterling silver chain and come in a silk box.

 Alcyone and the Pleiades revealed so much (some) of which I have shared in my WRITE- UP - where we journey from zmaj dragons and meteorites to the Emerald Palace deep within the earth and to the chambers where the echoes of scales of peridot rasped upon crystal and iron resound. 

I am greatly honored to have Sasha Ravich contribute the rite, The Mantic Milk of the Emerald Palace in accompaniment to these talismans. 

Please note that I have many chain options you can choose from, I can make any customise any chain to be shorter -  include a note with preferred length on purchase.

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