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Venus Exalted 27 : On High Her Watery Throne

Venus Exalted 27 : On High Her Watery Throne

The Venus Exalted 27 talisman is all about Venus’ being EXALTED. The election chosen for this talisman features Venus in her own watery triplicity of Pisces at her exaltation degree of 27 degrees. 

As I have centred exaltation as a core focus in this talismanic working it is important that we first understand it's meaning. Exalted refers to being RAISED UP and according to the Mariam Webster dictionary it means: elevated in rank, power, or characterFirmicus says that exalted planets are elevated by a certain natural sublimity of magnitude. While Dorotheas says that planets in their exaltations make them very illustrious and remarkable, becoming an authoritative figure who can be entrusted with noble works as well as dwell with and enjoy the profits of regal endeavours

Venus being both in her exaltation sign and degree we can consider her here to be raised up to her UTMOST HEIGHT, POWER, and AUTHORITY. Being in her own triplicity we can envision her ON HIGH HER WATERY THRONE. 

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