Jovially Aureate ~ Jupiter Talismans

Jovially Aureate ~ Jupiter Talismans

Oh great benefic Jupiter, you who are most similar to the Sun in your gifts, but more tempered, for you never scorch your suppliants. You are jovial in nature, encouraging goodwill and generosity. You are known as the helping father who draws out maladies of body and spirit and brings joy, optimism and hope. As the great shapeshifter who takes the form of many beasts, you teach us that we too can shape shift and become our dream-selves. Ever expansive, you inspire us to philosophical thought and to find connection in ideas. For like Venus you are also connective, your thunderbolt is a conduit for the electricity that connects all things. 
Jovially Aureate: Jupiter Talisman Rings

I have two Jupiter offerings in this release. First up is the Jovially Aureate ~ Jupiter Talisman Rings. I have 4 available, these rings are hand carved from jewellers wax and cast in solid .925 sterling silver. Each ring is set with a large 6+ carat natural Citrine gemstone and on each side of the ring I have engraved the seal of Jupiter which can be found in Agrippa’s three books of Occult Philosophy. Due to the handmade nature of these rings each does vary slightly from the one in the image however all rings are lovingly finished to a high quality and polish. The rings come in a classic leatherette box. 

These rings were completed in ritual during Jupiter hour on the 27th April 2022 AEST. Jupiter was in his domicile of Pisces applying to the midheaven. This election is sweetened by Venus in her exaltation applying to a conjunction with Jupiter. The Moon, also in Pisces is applying to a conjunction with both Venus and Jupiter. Jupiter was petitioned with the Picatrix invocation as well as the Orphic hymn to Jupiter, a suffumigation of mint, sandalwood, nutmeg and amber was used and offerings were made. You can view the chart for the election below.

I have called these talismans Jovially Aureate to match their nature. The Picatrix says that Jupiter governs precious stones that are white and yellow. Yellow gemstones were chosen for their warm and energising quality and Citrine in particular for it has been known as the Merchant’s Stone because in the days when merchants traveled around the world with their wares, it was believed to bring them success, wealth and prosperity. Furthermore this choice was made to align with Agrippa, who identified a talisman made to Jupiter to bring gain, wealth, gratitude, love, peace and concord with men. 

If we investigate this list of qualities; gain, wealth, gratitude, love, peace and concord with men, we can begin to see how they are not stand alone qualities, but rather interconnected. I know there can be a tendency to focus on the material benefits of talismans, for example, you may see wealth listed and think, ‘Great! I want money’. I’m not going to deny that practical magic has its place and its benefits - each to their own - but I would like to encourage a deeper, more holistic approach to understanding the influence both the fixed and wandering stars can have upon our lives. In this case we can begin by looking holistically at this list of qualities.  

Working with talismans is a relational process, we attune to the nature of the spirit of the star and their nature is expressed through us in a way that goes beyond our natal chart. Therefore it is important to think about the qualities of Jupiter and how you may want them to be expressed through you. It is also important to understand what these qualities mean to you. For example, what is wealth to you? I would argue wealth is extremely subjective and isn't necessarily financial. Financial security is indeed a form of wealth, however wealth exists in a myriad of forms, and is more akin to resources. Wealth can be intangible, you can have a wealth of ideas, a wealth of creativity or a wealth of knowledge. 

How does wealth relate to gratitude, the next quality in the list? Gratitude is often dismissed as a new-agey buzzword, but here we find it in a medieval Grimoire. It was in listening to Diana Rose Harper talk on gratitude in her By Jove experience that I became cognisant of the interrelation between gratitude and wealth, which led me into the understanding that gratitude is foundational to the experience of wealth. Without gratitude we are unable to see the wealth within our lives. Without it we are wearing blinders, and that, Jupiter won’t abide. Jove is all about expansion and the big picture, the cultivation of gratitude is extremely Jupiterian. Jupiter brings us into relation and appreciation of our external wealth, our resources, and inner wealth, which are the gifts (perhaps latent) that we have to share with our communities. Ultimately the Jupiterian path leads us to the way we can cultivate greater wealth in our lives, beginning with gratitude. Love, peace and concord with men are all tied up in it, it’s a bundle deal. However Jupiter's path is not as easy as one might think when it comes to the great benefic. Growth can be uncomfortable and with growth comes growing pains, even if it is for our own good.

Moving beyond the description provided by Agrippa, my experience with these talismans is that they have a catalysing effect, a call to action that can pull one out of despondency. A perfect remedy for the dark and cold winter months. Talismans made with Jupiter in the third face of Pisces, according to Coppock in 36 Faces, bring hope and optimism as well as good luck to those who engage in mad quests. It functions to protect the passionate and aid them in learning from their adventures.

 Jupiter in Pisces Talismanic Relief Prints

The second talisman offering is the Jupiter in Pisces Talismanic Relief Prints. This artwork was hand drawn and carved  (also by hand) into a block of lino, then printed during the first Jupiter hour of Jupiter Day on the 1st December 2022 PT. Jupiter in Pisces was on the ascendant, the Moon in Pisces was applying to a conjunction with Jupiter within 3 degrees. Jupiter ruled the ascendant and the midheaven with the other benefic planet, Venus, in Jupiter’s other domicile of Sagittarius.

This was the last opportunity to make a Jupiter talisman during Jupiter day/ hour with the Moon applying to a conjunction with Jupiter until Jupiter goes into Cancer in 2025.

The image was drawn in accordance with instructions found in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy: [Jupiter’s] figure was a man crowned, riding upon an Eagle, having in his hand a dart, about as if it were to strike it into the head of the same Eagle. I have also included the magic square/table for Jupiter. 

As discussed above with the talismanic rings, Agrippa says that such a talisman is conducive to gain, and riches, favour, and love, peace, and concord, as well as to appease enemies, to confirm honours, dignities, and counsels.

I have 3 prints available, each are 14 x 18 inches and fit flush within the same size frame. I can recommend this frame from Michaels. But any frame that size would work.

The prints are made using archival oil based printmakers ink on archival acid -free printmakers paper. They will be sent in a mailer tube with tracking. 


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