Jupiter in Pisces Talismanic Relief Prints


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This artwork was hand drawn and carved  (also by hand) into a block of lino, then printed during the first Jupiter hour of Jupiter Day on the 1st December 2022 PT. Jupiter in Pisces was on the ascendant, the Moon in Pisces was applying to a conjunction with Jupiter within 3 degrees. Jupiter ruled the ascendant and the midheaven with the other benefic planet, Venus, in Jupiter’s other domicile of Sagittarius.

This was the last opportunity to make a Jupiter talisman during Jupiter day/ hour with the Moon applying to a conjunction with Jupiter until Jupiter goes into Cancer in 2025.

The image was drawn in accordance with instructions found in Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy: [Jupiter’s] figure was a man crowned, riding upon an Eagle, having in his hand a dart, about as if it were to strike it into the head of the same Eagle. I have also included the magic square/table for Jupiter. 

Agrippa says that such a talisman is conducive to gain, and riches, favour, and love, peace, and concord, as well as to appease enemies, to confirm honours, dignities, and counsels.

I have 3 prints available, each are 14 x 18 inches and fit flush within the same size frame. I can recommend this frame from Michaels. But any frame that size would work.

The prints are made using archival oil based printmakers ink on archival acid -free printmakers paper. They will be sent in a mailer tube with tracking.

To read more about the Jupiter Talismans and to view the election chart go to the blog post.

* Note the picture of the print is a low resolution photo and does not show the quality of the print or paper stock.