Venus Exalted 27 - Small Shell Pendant Talismans


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The Venus Exalted 27 Small Shell Pendant Talismans are each individually hand crafted from jewellers wax and cast in sterling silver. They contain small pearls on the front and a mother of pearl set into the back. Each pendant is 1x1 inch and comes on a sterling silver chain - 22 inch is the default but if you would like 18 inch please leave a note on purchase.

The Venus Exalted 27 Talismans are all about Venus’ being EXALTED. The election chosen for this talisman features Venus exalted in her own watery triplicity of Pisces and at her exaltation degree of 27 degrees. 

This election took during Venus' day and hour on the 17/2/23 at 2pm PT. Venus was applying to the midheaven, the Moon was angular in the 7th house and applying to a sextile with Venus - her next aspect. Both the Moon and Venus were free from hard aspects to the malefics. Venus having completed her superior square to Mars was sufficiently separated and out of orb, thus tucking Mars safely away from influence in the 12H. 

While the Moon was both in her last quarter and in Capricorn, according to both the Picatrix and Ficino Venus being on the Midheaven and Jupiter being in the 10H mitigates any debilities of the Moon. That said, I consider the psychopomp last quarter Moon to be beneficial in a Venus talismanic election as she is being guided into the sublunar realm by the wise and dry Moon, and according to Firmicus, Venus being aspected by a waning Moon somewhat subdues Venus’ lusty nature.

As Venus is both exalted by sign and degree, we can consider her to be raised up to her utmost height, power and authority. ON HIGH HER WATERY THRONE. In her triplicity of water Venus is at her dreamiest - most poetic, the perfect expression for artists, writers and performers. This is where she inspires by opening us up to the beauty within the mundane, delighting us with simple pleasures so easily overlooked when wrapped up in the anxieties of daily life. Venus of the waters wants to re-enchant our lives by encouraging us to slow down and let go. Basically this is Venus reminding us, that to stop and smell the flowers is to let the creativity flow. 

All that said, it is important to remember this isn't a wishy-washy Venus, this is Venus EXALTED in her power and authority. While she may take you into her dreams, be it the hidden kingdoms in the deepest depths of the ocean, or the oceanic expanse of the cosmos, she also wants you to direct her creative gifts into authorship. As Dorotheas says, Venus here is about the noble workBut this is Venus (not Saturn) and she also wants to luxuriate in the fruits of the labour

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