Vega Talisman


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Vega is the brightest star in the constellation known in the west as Lyra. As the 14th of the 15 fixed Behenian Stars Vega has long been invoked in talismanic magic. In the Three Books of Occult Philosophy, Agrippa details the making and qualities of a Vega talisman “according to Hermes opinion… Under the Vulture, they made the image of a Vulture or Hen, or of a traveller  it maketh a man magnanimous and proud, it giveth power over devils and beasts." [2] The BM Bodleian expresses a similar sentiment but adds “[is strong against] demons, nightmares and fears to it’s protective qualities.”[3]

These talismans were made in the image of the vulture and the lyre which I hand carved from jeweller wax and then cast in sterling silver. Peridot was set into the neck of the vulture in ritual during the Heliacal rise of Vega, as according to Hermes, “Chrysolite” (now known as peridot) is the gemstone attributed to Vega. [10] A suffumigation of frankincense was used as well as Nigel Jackson’s invocation of Vega.[11] 

The Heliacal rise of Vega on the 26 Feb 06:04am AEST was chosen as the best astrological election.

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The Vega talisman is solid sterling silver with peridot and comes with a 22”,  24” or 26" sterling silver wheat chain (if you want a size that is unavailable please send me an email with your size preferences). 

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