Sualocin Talisman Rings


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The Sualocin Talisman Rings are crafted from solid Sterling Silver, they feature seahorses on each side the band and are set with Abalone shells.

I chose two elections for Sualocin, the first being the heliacal rise of the star. I calculate the helical rise as the true, first visible rise of the star in my location. The heliacal rise of Sualocin coincided with the yearly king-tide. During this election I combined and ground-together herbs for fumigation and to be placed under the gemstones settings. Then, in meditation and by divination created the character for Sualocin and engraved it onto the abalone and mother of pearl gemstones. 

The second election was completed at 5:58am on the 18th March 2023 PDT. The Moon was applying to conjoin the projected degree of Sualocin on the ascendant. The Moon was supported by Jupiter, her next aspect by sextile and was free from hard aspects to the malefics. While she was indeed headed towards her monthly descent into the underworld, her light was still visible and a waning crescent - a winking, psychopomp Moon felt like an appropriate translator of light for this otherworldly star which has also been described by Diana Rosenberg in Secrets of the Ancient Skies as a psychopomp.

 I decided to use the elected window to complete the talismans as per the directions for the creation of fixed star talismans in Agrippa. In ritual I set engraved gemstones into each talisman placing the corresponding herbs underneath *note that I encapsulate all herbs in a resin unless stated otherwise. I used a suffumigation of myrrh, sage, hawthorn, blue lotus and mint, the Orphic Hymn to the Nereids and the Invocation of Sualocin.