Sualocin Talismans


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These are the second Sualocin talismans that I have created and these were crafted to the Helical Rise of Sualocin on January 10th 2024 in Olympia, Washington.

I have hand- carved these talismans; which means the emblemic seahorses have been carved and sculpted from a block of jewelers wax by my hands and then cast into solid sterling silver using the ancient technique of lost wax casting. I used the elected window to complete the talismans as per the directions for the creation of fixed star talismans in Agrippa. I have hammerset abalone shells, mother of pearl, pearls and chrysocolla into each talisman in ritual with Sualocin associated herbs underneath.

Each talisman is 2.6" x 1.1" and is hung on a sterling silver chain. You can choose your length. I can accommodate 16" to 28". The chains are made bespoke to your preferred length and the jump rings are soldered shut.

- Please let me know your chain length preference and your preferred talisman (1# - 6#) in the notes on purchase. 

* * *

I relate to the spirits of these talismans as the Nereid Sisters - although they go by many other names -  they are water nymphs and their nature is reflected in these talismans. These some of the common reported effects and experiences:

Elevation of Charisma: The talisman can significantly increase a person's charm, making them more magnetic and seductive to others. This in turn increases confidence and it a boon to people working in public facing industries. 

Increased Creativity: By enhancing creativity, the talisman aids in the flow of new ideas and artistic expression. This can be a boon for artists, writers, and anyone involved in creative fields, helping them to overcome blocks and produce innovative work.

Emphasis on Freedom: A focus on personal freedom and the pursuit of one's true desires - encouraging the wearer to explore their own paths and aspirations without restraint. The sisters are known also to remove obstacles.

Protective Quality: Unlike more aggressive forms of protection, this talisman offers guidance and the ability to avert danger through more gentle means.

Development or Enhancement of Seership: The talisman can either develop this ability in those who do not yet possess it or enhance it in those who do.

Lucid or Vivid Dreams: Wearing the talisman during sleep is said to induce dreams that are either lucid (where one is aware they are dreaming and can control the dream) or particularly 

Transitional Support: The Sualocin Sisters can protect and escort through significant life changes, serving as a supportive presence initiations/ symbolic deaths: this journey or rite of passage consists of a separation from one state, a transitional phase, and a reincorporation into a new state of being. The qualities and effects attributed to this talisman reflect a deep connection to the elemental properties of water, emphasizing fluidity, transformation, and the nurturing of inner abilities and states of being. 

The most profoundly beautiful part of this experience has been that these talismans are genuinely capable of radically and demonstrably transforming your life. I have never had such vivid, transformative experiences in relationship to a talisman (and I have a number of talismans!), nor have the spirits associated with the talismans shown up in such tremendously material and immediate ways. (- Sasha Ravich 2023)

- Each talisman comes in a luxury leatherette box with a booklet containing my write-up and a rite created by Sasha.

Read my write-up from last years talisman release to learn more about the talisman and the spirits of Sualocin here