Saturn in Aquarius Talismanic Relief Prints


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This artwork was hand drawn and carved into a block of lino, then hand printed with archival oil based ink onto archival paper over the course of two elections:

The first election was on the 19th Nov at 12:45pm PT, during Saturn’s day & hour. Saturn is conjoining the ascendant in its own domicile, triplicity, and bounds, making it the most powerful Saturn possible in terms of essential dignity. The Moon is in Libra, the exaltation of Saturn, applying toward a trine aspect with Saturn. separating from a sextile to Venus with her next aspect a trine to Saturn. Since the Moon is in the exaltation of Saturn, there is potent concord between Saturn with the Moon. In addition, the Moon is closely separating from a harmonious sextile aspect with Venus. There is reception between Venus and the Moon due to the Moon being in the airy domicile of Venus, again creating an atmosphere of harmony within the election. Venus is also within five degrees of the midheaven, shining her beneficence over the entire election.  If having both Saturn day and hour is important to you then this election is the best choice for you.

The second election happened a day later on Sunday 20 November 2022 at 12:42 PST. The Moon is forming a closer trine aspect with Saturn and Venus is slightly closer to the degree of the midheaven in this election. Saturn once again extremely strong due to being in its own domicile, triplicity, and bounds. If having a close aspect between the Moon and Saturn is more important for you than having planetary day and hour, then this election is the best choice for you. 


The Picatrix says: that if you ensure that the planet (Saturn) is in a fortunate position and quality, removed from unfortunate aspects. Positioned thus Saturn is like a well-meaning individual with a courageous heart and a great mighty will, who can hardly deny whatever is sought from him.

The Image of Saturn was made in accordance with the directions in the Picatrix: The image of Saturn is a man standing on a dragon holding a scythe in his right hand, dressed in black.

It contains the glyph for Saturn, hellebore flowers which are a plant of Saturn, and the magic square/ table for Saturn found in Agrippa’s 3 Books of Occult Philosophy.

They say that this table being with a fortunate Saturn doth help to bring forth, or birth, and to make a man safe, and powerful, and to cause success of petitions with princes, and powers.”
- Agrippa

The prints are 14x18 inches and fit flush within the same size frame. I can recommend this frame from Michaels. But any frame that size would work.

The prints are made using archival oil based printmakers ink on archival acid -free printmakers paper. EACH PRINT IS SLIGHTLY DIFFERENT DUE TO THE HANDMADE NATURE OF THE WORK. They will be sent in a mailer tube with tracking.

You can read more about the Saturn in Aquarius Talismanic Relief Prints on the  blog post.

* Note the picture of the print is a low resolution photo and does not show the quality of the print or paper stock.