Mercury in Gemini Talisman Rings


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The Mercury in Gemini talisman rings are hand crafted from jewellers wax, cast in sterling silver and set with hydrothermal emeralds. The face of the ring is 3cm in length (around one inch). 

I began crafting these talismanic rings at 8:20am on the 7th May 2021 AEST, during Mercury hour with Mercury in Gemini conjoining the Ascendant. I carved from jewellers wax the image of the Lion in the form of a ring, above the head an “A” and below a “D” and created a setting in the mouth for an Emerald, the gemstone of Mercury. These rings were worked on over a series of mainly Wednesdays and Mercury hours, then completed in ceremony during the elected time of 5:50 am on the 8th July 2021 AEST during Mercury day with Moon in Gemini applying to conjoin Mercury on the Ascendant, and Mercury and the Moon free from hard aspects to the malefics. 

 The figure of the lion was chosen from the Picatrix:

Under the influence of Mercury, you make the image of a lion in emerald or another image is the image of head of a lion, in the hour of Mercury, Mercury rising in Gemini, and above the head write a "A" and below the head a "D," whoever has this image will evade infirmities and fear, and good things will be said of them. 

 The Picatrix invocation to Mercury was used and the suffumigation, ink and consecration herbs used were gifted to me from a friend and are materia from the S+S Mercury Cazimi election.

While these talisman rings are specifically for health, braveness and good will, I am inclined to also include other attributes of Mercury: swift travel and open roads, adaptability, and an ease in contractual dealings. 

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