Jupiter & Neptune Talisman Rings


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Jupiter & Neptune Talisman Rings were hand carved from jewellers wax and cast in sterling silver. The wavy, spiralling aesthetic of the rings is resonant with the archetypal meaning of Jupiter and Neptune united together in Pisces. Each ring is set with a 3 carat hydrothermal emerald. Hydrothermal emeralds are grown rather than mined and share the same chemical composition as their mined counterparts. Emeralds have a long tradition of association with Jupiter: for example, the Picatrix, Henrich Cornelius Agrippa, and William Lilly all listed emeralds as being one of the stones of Jupiter.  The band of the ring features the trident glyph of Neptune on one side and the seal of Jupiter on the other side. These rings have a wide band so I recommend going up a half size to accomodate. 

Each ring comes with writing by Gray Crawford along with Orphic Hymns to Jupiter, Neptune, Oceanus and Tethys.

The Jupiter Neptune Talismans were completed at the elected time of 10:11 am on 9 April 2022, Brisbane Aust AEST. Jupiter was applying within one degree of a conjunction with Neptune, and was also ruling the midheaven in Pisces while applying toward a close conjunction with the midheaven. The Moon was in her own domicile of Cancer, applying toward a trine aspect with Jupiter and Neptune while also being in the exaltation of Jupiter. 

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