Dignified Venus ~ Spica Medallion Talisman


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I began designing these Venus ~ Spica talismans when Venus first ingressed into Libra. Wanting to create a medallion talisman that contained both the image of Venus and of the Behenian fixed star, Spica, I decided on the image of a dove to represent both. In Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy one of the figures for Spica is described to be a bird. The dove is the bird of Venus, as one of her motifs it was considered a Venusian symbol of love and peace long before it was adopted by the Christians. This choice felt the most fitting with Venus being in the triplicity of Air, in her domicile of Libra. To further symbolise Spica, I turned the tail of the dove into a blade of wheat, as the fixed star Spica is located in the spike of wheat held in the hand of the Virgin in the constellation of Virgo. At the center of the medallion was set an emerald (the gem of both Venus and Spica) within a star, and on the back was crafted the glyph of Venus as illustrated in the Picatrix, along with the sigil for the intelligence of Venus and the Sigil for Spica, from Agrippa. I carved the talisman by hand from jewellers wax and cast it into sterling silver and made a limited collection of 8 pieces. 

These talismans were completed, over two elections during an auspicious week in September 2021. You can read more and view the astrological charts in my blog.

 The talisman is 3 cm (1.18") in diameter and being solid sterling silver has a substantial weight. It comes with a 20” or 24” sterling silver belcher chain.

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