Deneb Algedi Talismans


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The Deneb Algedi Talismans were carved from jewelers wax and cast into sterling silver. The working culminated on the 15th April 2023 at 4:20am PT with the Moon on the AC conjoining Deneb Algedi within a degree and making a tight sextile to Jupiter with the next aspect being to the Sun. The Moon was free from hard aspects to the malefics. These talismans were finished during this election, the untreated Turkish chalcedony cabochon gemstones were set into each talisman, S+S Saturnian King materia placed under the gem which was then hammer set and polished (which heats the metal) this is done in accordance with both Agrippa’s instruction to set the stone into the talisman during the elected time with the herb placed underneath, and Ficino’s theory that hammering and heating being the process which brings about the power latent in the material when done at the right time. 

The pendant hangs on a 20" sterling silver chain and come with a cushioned box.

You can read more about the election and properties of the talismans here

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