Deneb Adige: The Swan Queen


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The Deneb Adige talismans are handcrafted from jewellers wax and cast in Argentium Silver, set with a jade cabochon, measure 75x41mm (2.9x1.6 inches), and come with a 20” or 24” sterling silver wheat chain. If you would like a longer chain please add a note in your order with your preferred length. 

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Deneb Adige is the alpha star of Cygnus and can be found in the tail of the great Swan who glides across the watery section of the heavens known to the ancients as the Sea. Mostly associated with spirituality, creativity and learning, Deneb Adige is said to be of the nature of Venus and Mercury and “gives ingenious nature and a clever intellect that is quick at learning” according to Vivian Robeson in The Fixed Stars and their Constellations in Astrology. Robeson goes on to describe the Cygnus constellation as giving a “contemplative, dreamy, cultured and adaptable nature”.  Ebertin in Fixed Stars and Their Interpretation said that Deneb Adige is “favorable for artistic and scientific pursuits which are carried out with the aim of gain,” noting that Deneb Adige fosters the potential to become successful within the creative fields. 

We can look to the Lunar Mansion Al Sa’d Al Ahibiya for other attributes given to Deneb Adige as she is found within this mansion and according to Robeson, was known to the ancient Arabic astrologers as “The lucky star of hidden things or hiding places”. Robeson described the Moon in this Mansion as giving “marital happiness, and victory to soldiers” as well as being beneficial for travel, building, and making friends. (3)

It is in the writings of Bernadette Brady that we find deeper mythological associations. Brady identified Deneb Adige as containing the “strength and hostility of the swan” while holding within its symbolism “the mystic, transcendental qualities embodied in shamanistic legends of the creation of the world egg”. According to Brady the Ancient Egyptians viewed this star as “the exit of the birth canal of Nut, the great starry sky goddess” who cyclically rebirthed the sun.

Embodying the grace as well as the fierce and protective qualities of the swan, Deneb Adige wraps you in her wings as she leads you into deep explorations of the imaginal realms. Just as the Sun is born anew into its fullness of illumination through the birth canal of Nut, journeying with Deneb Adige has the potential to illuminate true paths through the integration of spiritual awareness.

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