Coral Venus Star Ring with Sapphire and Chrysolite


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This is a one of a kind piece crafted in sterling silver and set with a natural, untreated, 1ct Australian green/ parti sapphire and peridot (known in grimore tests as chrysolite). It is a size 7 1/4 or O 1/4.

This ring was made to an astrological election that was primarily focused on Venus in Pisces but also involved embracing the Jupiterian energy that was present due to the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces. The election took place on 27 April 2022 at 2:46am AEST, with the moon in Pisces applying to conjoin exalted Venus on the ascendant as well as Jupiter in domicile. 

The green sapphire and chrysolite was chosen as the gemstone for this ring as according to Agrippa sapphires and green stones belong to Venus and Jupiter and chrysolite is identified as a stone of Venus.

Agrippa also says Sapphire, and airy colours, and those which are always green, clear, purple, darkish, golden, mixed with Silver, belong to Jupiter.

The ancient Egyptians associated the planet Venus with Hathor, goddess of fertility, beauty, and the arts. Her sacred colours were blue and green, like the life giving waters of the Nile and the green rebirth created by its annual flooding. Green and blue minerals are symbolic of water and fertile plant growth, the original definition of abundance.

Venus in her exaltation of Pisces brings out the dreamy and watery side of our Venusian goddess. Here she is right at home in her triplicity of water where she consorts with the spirits of the sea, namely Poseidon (Neptune), who before becoming god of the sea originated as a personification of the fertilising power of water. The watery influence on Venus here is amplified by Neptune being in between Venus and Jupiter, closely conjoining them both. Neptune in Modern astrology is known as the higher octave of Venus, and the modern ruler of Pisces. This modern delineation does, however, have ancient roots. Before being elevated to a celestial sphere, Neptune as god of the sea was said to be at home in the constellation of Pisces, and according to Manilius, Neptune recognizes his own in the aether of Pisces. 

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