Antares II Talismans


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These Antares talismans are ritually hand crafted in sterling silver, quenched with volcano water containing Sword and Scythe's, Milk of the Basilisk, set with rose cut Amethysts with saffron placed underneath.

These talismans are smaller than most of my previous, talismans they measure 1 1/2" x 1/2" and are hang on sterling silver chains with the choice of 20" and 24". 

The Heliacal rise of Antares on the 23rd of December 2024 was the election utilised for the inspiriting of these talismans.

Please indicate in the notes on purchase if you would like a 20" or 24" chain.

I have pay in instalment options for all participating countries, in the USA you can use Shop Pay or PayPal instalments, and other countries PayPal. 

You can read about the making of the Antares II Talismans and their properties [here]

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