Alphard, The Heart of the Water Serpent Talisman


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The Alphard talismans were handcrafted in sterling silver and set with garnets engraved underneath with the corresponding talismanic image as described in the Speculum Lapidum by Camillo Leonardi. The garnets are set with snakeshed and dried rhododendron flower. Volcano water was also used in this working. Each talisman is slightly different. Each talisman comes with a PDF booklet containing the full write-up as well as a link to the Alphard invocation created by Vanessa Irena. 

The creation of these talismans was an intense and immersive experience that unfolded over three months during Venus’ transit through Leo in 2023, including her stationing at the projected degree of Alphard as well as her retrograde period. It began with two taxidermy snakes, which I cast and molded. From these molds, I injected wax, then cut and reassembled the pieces into new serpentine shapes. I was directed to craft each talisman individually in wax. This process was slow and methodical, involving daily hands-on work of long hours spent in co-creation, which included much devotion, reflection, and writing. I made at least a hundred waxes, cut them up and put them back together. The tail of each serpent wraps around to become a setting for the garnet. The working culminated with the heliacal rise of Alphard before sunrise on the 16 September 2023 in Olympia, Washington. 

You can read more about Alphard, The Heart of the Water Serpent Talisman [here]

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