Saturn Talisman ~ Signet Ring


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The Saturn Signet Rings were created on Saturday 14 January 2023. The ritual began during Saturn day and Saturn hour and was completed once Saturn formed a conjunction with the ascendant around 9:17 am. Saturn is strong in essential dignity within its own domicile and triplicity and rules the ascendant in the first house. This lends the sovereignty of Saturn to the talisman and its wearer as well as the capacity to garner resources and support. The Moon in Libra is applying to a flowing and harmonious trine with Saturn while in the exaltation of Saturn. The Moon is also under the influence of the generative benefics as it is in the domicile of Venus and the bounds of Jupiter. Since Saturn is receiving the Moon through a flowing trine into its exaltation, there is potent concord between Saturn with the Moon, the mediator between heavenly and earthly things. During the creation of the talismans Venus was also in the first house rising over the ascendant ahead of Saturn, bonyifying the election and adding her procreative and artistic nature to the mix. Marsilio Ficino wrote in Three Books on Life that the placement of Venus in the ascendant compensates for any debilities of the Moon.

These rings are hand carved from wax and cast in sterling silver. They are set with black onyx gemstones that have been carved on the underside with the character and image of Saturn from the Picatrix.  Cypress harvested during the Saturn Cazimi in 2022 is encapsulated under the gemstones. The rings feature an ouroboros and the character and glyph of Saturn on either side of the band. 

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