Mercury painting

Psychopomp Magic: Mercury rx Cazimi in Gemini 

On the 22nd of May 2022 at 6:28am AEST Mercury in retrograde will be applying within one degree to the ascendant and forming a near exact (within 4 minutes) conjunction with the Sun. Mercury is at 0 degrees Gemini, which places him powerfully in his own bounds, triplicity, and domicile where he is crafty.

Retrograde Mercury is a psychopomp making his pilgrimage through the underworld and when he reaches the Sun, within 17 minutes (or 1 degree) orb it is called Cazimi, an Arabic word that translates as “being in the heart of the Sun.” This is a period when a planet is fortified and made strong by the Sun’s forge, born anew within his fiery rays. 

“A planet joined with the Sun is like a person sitting with the king in one chair” - Abraham Ibn Erza

Here we find Mercury at the halfway point of his  journey through the underworld where he emerges to meet with the Sun before returning to complete his journey and rise once again as a morning star. 

In magical application we can work with Mercury’s illumination by the Sun to bring to light new wisdom gleaned from the underworld and illuminate what has been previously hidden. This can be especially helpful with shadow work, for clearing and composting, and birthing new ideas. 

With Mercury moving through an inferior conjunction with the Sun it is important to take into consideration Mercury’s invisibility from the night sky and how that manifests in any magical workings and petitions made at this election. I would discourage petitioning for anything that requires visibility, but rather to lean into the benefits of invisibility; it is here that Mercury can provide us with cunning and camouflage in moving through boundary crossings. 

This is the perfect time to petition for ease in moving though liminal spaces both physical and metaphysical. Examples are spaces such as airports for physical and journeying or dreamwork for metaphysical. A petition could also be used to create a bridge between the living and the dead: think ancestors on speed dial. 


Below is the chart for Brisbane Australia, to relocate this chart you want to have Mercury within 17 minutes preferably (or 1 degree) and applying to the ascendant.