Dignified Venus Talismans

Dignified Venus Talismans

This is the second offering of Venus' transit through Libra in September 2021. The first offering was the Venus conjoined Spica talisman, which culminated over two elections; the second being the morning of the 10th September with Venus on the ascendant. The election for the Dignified Venus Talismans took place later that

same day when Venus reached the midheaven. At this time she was out of orb of the Behenian fixed star Spica which makes these talismans purely Venusian. I won't be going into the usual detail about these talismans, as much of what I have written about the Venus - Spica offering applies, and you can read about it here.

The election took place on Friday (Venus day) 10th September 2021, 2:18pm, Brisbane, AEST. In this chart the waxing Moon in Libra is applying a tight conjunction to dignified Venus in the 10H applying to the Midheaven. Venus and the Moon are both free from influence of the Malefics and the Moon is fast.

The Lapis Lazuli used in these pieces were engraved (on the underside) during the election with the glyph of Venus and the sigil for Hagiel: the intelligence of Venus. This offering consists of 6 rings and 2 necklaces. The Venus Heart Rings were hand carved and cast in sterling silver, then set with the lapis lazuli hearts. The Venus Heart Fob Necklace was carved, cast, and bench assembled in sterling silver and set with the Lapis heart. It hangs on a boutique 45cm sterling silver chain with an antique style Albert Clasp. The Venus Gold and Silver Teardrop Necklace is a combined gold

and silver piece. Part was sand cast in 9 ct Yellow gold and soldered to a handmade sterling silver cabochon setting and set with a pear shape Lapis Lazuli. The pendant hangs on a 50cm antique 14ct gold chain. 

Lapis Lazuli was chosen as the gemstone for these talismans as they are the first gemstone associated with Venus in her earliest <recorded> incarnation as the Mesopotamian Goddess Inanna. In the first epic poem translated from Cuniform, The Descent of Inanna, two of the seven of her objects of divine power were made of Lapis Lazuli. 

“She took the seven divine powers. She collected the divine powers and grasped them in her hand. With the good divine powers, she went on her way... She hung small lapis-lazuli beads around her neck.... She held the lapis-lazuli measuring rod and measuring line in her hand.”

Lapis Lazuli is also identified as a gemstone of Venus in Agrippa’s 3 books of Occult Philosophy: “These things are under Venus...amongst Metals, Silver, and Brass, amongst Stones, the beryl (morganite), Chrysolite (peridot), emerald, sapphire, carnelian, the Lazull (lapis lazuli) stone, and all of a fair, various, white (pearl), and green (tourmaline) colour.”


You can read more about the election and properties of the talismans in the Dignified Venus ~ Spica post.



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